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Empower Your Child

Three valuable, easy and fun methods ensured to help your child beginning today! 

1. Morning Affirmations

In your morning routine (We like to do it on the way to school), have your children speak positive words of affirmations over themselves each day. The more they declare good things over themselves, the more they will believe it!

2. Encourage the Weak Areas

Do you see an area your child is struggling in? Help shift their mentality of struggle into determination to succeed with this:

For instance, if one of my children is struggling talking out too much in their classroom- I will encourage them with "You're just getting better and better at listening when you need to. Soon you're going to be an expert at this!" This helps strengthen the weak area and they feel encouraged and motivated in mastering the weak area.

3. Trust God & Pray

Pray your child will walk in their destiny and will be filled with the Holy Spirit and Power. Pray confidently the Word of God over them. There's nothing wrong with bringing your worries before the Lord, but once your have prayed- trust God has heard you and stand on His good promises for your children daily with praise. Then leave the worry at the feet of Jesus.

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